Second Language Acquisition Research and Foreign Language Teaching

Special Lecture by Dr. Yasuhiro Shirai, University of Pittsburgh

Date: June 19, 2013

Venue:  CHD 420 - Language Research Centre, University of Calgary


Registration: Please see below. Registration deadline is June 7, 2013. CLOSED

Dr. Shirai will be delivering a lecture on Second Langauge Acquisition Research and Foreign Language Teaching. The event is open to all and has been designed to teach and motivate teachers of Japanese as a Second Language. 

Dr. Shirai is a very active and prominent researcher in the field and has published numerous books and articles both in Japanese and English. They include: 英語教師のための第二言語習得論入門 [Introduction to Second Language Acquisition Research for Teachers of English] (Taishukan: 2012), 外国語学習の科学―第二言語習得論とは何か [Science in Foreign Language Study: What is the Second Language Acquisition Theory] (Iwanami, 2008). 

This is a great opportunity for Japanese teachers and researchers to gain a deeper understanding of the current issus being tackled in second langauge acquisition of Japanese and their pedogogical implications. The lecture will also be made available through the online broadcasting site, Ustream.

Please note the lecture will be delivered in Japanese. 

Co-organizer: Prince Takamado Japan Centre, University of Alberta
Department of Germanic, Slavic and East Asian Languages, University of Calgary
Calgary Hoshuko Japanese School Association

Sponsor: Alberta Japanese Businessmen's Association