The Prince Takamado Japan Centre for Teaching and Research (PTJC) brings together students, researchers, and resources from all parts of the community. The PTJC is a joint venture between the Faculties of Arts and Education, and can be found in the TELUS Centre for Professional Development at the University of Alberta.

The missions and activities of the PTJC aim to facilitate and support research and teaching in Japan-related areas including not only Japanese language and culture but a variety of fields in the area of humanities, social sciences, fine arts, business, education, engineering, science, and health sciences. The mandate for the PTJC covers wide areas of research related to Japan, and to give a better balance between research and teaching. It also extends to the community members through various events and activities.

The revised goals of the PTJC are:

  • to promote teaching and research in Japan Studies;
  • to provide opportunities for interdisciplinary study and research which calls upon knowledge of Japanese language, culture, and/or Japan Studies;
  • to provide support for teachers in Japanese language and culture at all levels; and,
  • to become the focus of a network of expertise in these areas.